Most software has to interact with people who have varying degrees of training and familiarity with technology. This means that even internal solutions should be designed and implemented in order to reduce the learning curve and the stress of repeated use.
With the spread of technology and the increasing number of users is therefore critical that the contact with it is a positive experience as this will have a direct impact on productivity, willingness to re-use and image that the user creates of the company/product.
When done well, a Human-centered approach fuels the creation of products that resonate more deeply with an audience — ultimately driving engagement and growth.

mongoose is a Human-centerd company, not only when approaching large-scale problems, but also as an organization.


We’re not machines. As such, if we don’t take good care of our team members, if we are not Human-centered, they will be unhappy, work less and produce code of lower quality.
Quality has been a fundamental strategic importance to mongoose since its foundation. The continuous improvement of the software development process and systems engineering, the rigorous selection process of new staff members, allowed us to achieve excellent quality standards.
Quality is deeply embedded within our values and culture, providing us with a key structure to operate systematically with confidence and efficiency.


In seven years we have developed solutions for highly prestigious institutions and companies all over the world.
We are always focused on creating high quality and easy to use solutions.
We are a diverse network of talented, experienced software consultants, with a Human-centered approach. Our people typically have several years of experience in delivering valuable, working software.

Better Results

This all translates to better software, delivered faster and at lower cost. And for our team, it means a working environment with less politics and more freedom to innovate.

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