We transform opportunity into reality through research, strategy and design.
We work across the digital and physical to deliver new products and services.
We create solutions for you and for your customers with one main goal: Better Results.

At mongoose we help our clients innovate, create new products, services and interactions, through a Human-centered approach.

We see a world constantly changing where technology technology will have an increasingly important role.
We believe that with the help of bots, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, interactions will evolve from a self-service model to one where customization is a key element and interactions will be increasingly of the concierge type.

Human-centered approach


We start by discerning what truly matters to individuals and organizations to deliver insights that inspire action.


We prototype, iterate and engage with the client and his users, to bring new experiences to life and uncover meaningful business opportunities.


We create with intent where every detail is considered and every interaction matters to ensure our work produces Better Results.



The financial sector is going through a time of great change and creating huge challenges for the incumbents and more traditional institutions.
We have worked with several banks present in Portugal with the aim of making use of technology to help them overcoming these challenges, creating better relationships with their customers and developing new products and services.


The more traditional media sector has been witnessing a clear decline in the consumption of information and sales.
Our collaboration with some of these more traditional institutions has been to help them find new ways to make use of digital channels so that the consumption of information is more appealing thus reducing dropout rates and increasing visiting time.
Among cable operators we have been discussing new trends for television advertising in order to make it more interactive, personalized and consequent.
We see a near future where Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and processing power in the Cloud will produce significant changes in the way we consume information and advertise.


The retail sector is changing and will change even more in the near future.
What still drives people to stores is the contact with the product and the security of having the opinion of a technician with whom they can interact.
Despite technological developments, this physical contact with the product is still an advantage of the stores. But this advantage can, somehow, be replaced by the amount of information and opinions we get on social networks. That is, the replacement of the physical experience for a digital and virtual experience.

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